Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DIY Wednesday Monogram Wine Bottle Tutorial

Hooray for another DIY Wednesday, where I have actually completed another DIY project!  I actually came up with this one on my own, yay!
So I had a wine bottle that I had been saving forever because I knew that I wanted to do something with it. And here is what I did!

So....this is what you will need:
1.  An empty wine bottle
 2.  Blue Painter's Tape
3.  X-Acto Knife

4.  Spray Paint in Color of your Choice

  5.  Some feathers, or flowers, or whatever you want to shove in the top to make it pretty
I used some burgundy Ostrich Drabs, and Red Rooster Tail Feathers that I had lying around in my craft room

1.  I removed the label from the bottle.  I actually tried adding hot water to the bottle to loosen the glue, but I think the glue was too strong.  I ripped off what I could, and then very VERY carefully used a turpentine soaked cloth to get the rest off.  I wore plastic gloves for this.  DO NOT GET THE TURPENTINE ON YOUR SKIN, AND WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED ROOM if you choose this option.  I didn't have any Goo Gone, or else I would have been using that

2.  I then washed the bottle off with hot soapy water, and towel dried it.
1.  I took the 2" Painter's Tape and tore it into six 4" strands (You can use more, or less depending on how big you want your letter to be)

2.  I laid one strand down on a clean countertop, and then took a second strand and laid it down overlapping the first strand by 1/8" and finally took the third and overlapped the second by 1/8"

3.  For the 4th, 5th, and 6th strands I did the same thing, only laying them horizontally over the vertical strips.

4.  Next, I traced the oval shape using a tupperware container, and then freehanded the letter 'K' with a pen within the oval (You can use a stencil if you want a cleaner monogram)

5.  I then took the X-Acto Knife and carefully cut around my oval

6.  Carefully peel up the excess tape around the oval

7.  Next I carefully cut around the 'K' within my oval

8.  Finally, I carefully peeded up the outer layer around the 'k'...this is the layer that I laid on the bottle, but you can lay the 'K' down if you don't want it in the oval frame
1.  I placed the stencil onto the bottle, carefully pressing it down and making sure there were no bubbles or creases. 

2.  Be sure to really make the edges stick, especially around the 'k' cutout
Here is what it looked like pre-paint

3.  Next, I took my bottle outside, and spray painted the entire bottle with my white spray paint.  I used White Matte Krylon, but you can use whatever kind or color you like

4.  I allowed it to set for about 5 minutes, and then carefully peeled up my tape

5.  If you have any areas that leaked into your non-paint space, no can take your X-Acto knife to carefully scrape it off...just be super careful not to scrape into the painted space that you actually want!


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This was very inspiring. I'm always trying to think of ways to use empty wine bottles.

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Love this! Now I gotta go drink some wine(DARN...) Totally pinning this one! ;)

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