Monday, June 20, 2011

Nautical Creations

I have two new nautical inspired creations up in the shop today!

This is George.  He enjoys long swims in the ocean.  He found his way onto this cool looking antiqued brass cuff, and then swam into my shop:

This piece solves the mystery of how the ancient mariners snagged their wives...which was by landing their hearts!  HAH!

And here are a few other Nautical inspired pieces I have crafted in the past:


maraley said... Best Blogger Tips

I just came back from Atlantic City two days ago and this just makes me want to go back to the beach! I love Nautical anything!

Stoney Creek Mercantile said... Best Blogger Tips

Very creative! I think my favorite is the shark teeth in a bottle! :)

aquariann said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome creations, especially the octopus cuff.

meijo's JOY said... Best Blogger Tips

These are absolutely gorgeous...every single piece is so unique, cute and with a touch of feminine yet are a very rare artist!

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