Sunday, July 10, 2011

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

It is July!
Which got me thinking about Christmas in July.
Which made me start thinking about Christmas, and the Funky Finds Craft Show.
Which got me to thinking about unique DIY gift packaging.
Which led me to the following amazingness:

Favor Florets Tutorial from Camille Styles
 So unique and ADORABLE!!  I love the colors.  I cannot wait to try this. 

Printable Gift Wrap and Gift Tags from Domestifluff
I love printables!  This is a lovely blog all about crafts, food, DIY and more!

Shirt and Tie Gift Boxes from Papercrave
I know Father's Day has passed, but I am going to find a reason to make and use these!  And now I am going to head back to Papercrave to get lost in all of their spectacularness!
 Paper Doily Gift Accent from Bloomize
I got lost in this blog for quite a while.  So many cute crafts, and beautiful inspiration.

Brown Paper Bag Wrapping at Decor8 for Color Me Pretty
I love the hand drawn accents!  Leslie, who also blogs at A Creative Mint is a crafty genius!

Recycled Newspaper on The Design Tree 
(via Country Living)
I love the red accents.  What a beautiful way to upcycle!

Origami Boat from D.Sharp Journal
Hello awesome!  The entire blog is a must-read

Simple Felt Gift Wrapper from Fancy House Road
So super cute, as is her whole blog.  Random:  I LOVE her blog banner!
THIS IS AMAZING!!!  She gives another gift topper tutorial in this post as well.  So lovely!

DIY Grocery Bag Pom Pom Gift Toppers from Curbly
This is genius!  Not to mention beautiful!  Oh Curbly, how do I love thee?

Hope you have found some inspiration!  Have fun with your gift wrapping endeavors!

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Sandy Ang said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely ideas. I'm off to visit them

Tiffany at Beyond Magical said... Best Blogger Tips

The grocery bag pom pom is definitely my fav! I have so many stored under my sink. This (and scooping the cat box, lol) will definitely knock the stash down a bit. My family is HUGE!

YONKS said... Best Blogger Tips

I have linked you into my latest post on Christmas in July. I am not the only nut! :-)

Simply Made By Erin said... Best Blogger Tips

What awesome ideas, I may have to try a few. Thanks for posting!!

Kim Stevens said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for stopping by, I missed my last Foto Friday as I was out of town! Love your blog and am now a follower too!

Fancy House Road said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the lovely feature! I love all of the gift wrapping ideas you've highlighted in this post. So cute!


Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

You are all so lovely!

aquariann said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute gift wrapping ideas! ^.^

AsteropeBC said... Best Blogger Tips

Very creative!

B-Brand Design said... Best Blogger Tips

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Micaella Lopez said... Best Blogger Tips

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