Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY Wednesday- Floating Clouds

Today's project is my Floating Clouds Frame.
Here is what  I used: 
Dollar Tree Frame
Clear Fishing Line
Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge
Duct Tape

I folded my scrapbook paper in half
Made a little cloud stencil out of cardstock, and then traced the clouds onto the crease of the paper.  I made sure to have the edge of the cloud touch the edge of the crease
 I cut out my cloudies, and mod podged the inside of one side of the clouds
Forgive me, but this part became a bit meticulous, trying to get my clouds on the line just right, so I sort of forgot that I was supposed to be taking pictures.
I next sandwiched the fishing line between the two sides of the cloud pieces, and spaced them out as I wanted.
After my clouds were on the line, I took my frame (sans glass and backing) and used Duct tape to secure the line to the back of the frame.
I know, the duct tape sounds crazy, but it really was the best way.
And here it is!

Light Background:

Dark Background:

Enjoy your Wednesdays!!


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Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE your idea!! The clouds are perfect!!

Found you thru TCB ;) We host a linky party on our blog Tues and Sundays! Would love to see your creations linked up!! Thanks for sharing!


FabricFascination said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool tute. And I say if duct tape works, use it.

HeatherV said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute! I have the perfect little cloud punch that would make this a super easy project! Thanks for sharing!

EvenAndy said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute DIY project! I just pinned it on my Pinterest DIY board. Thanks so very much for sharing!

Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it on the dark background! That looks really cool!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Maureen I had no idea you had a blog! Instant follower via bloglovin' :D I love this project! And I love your blog :)

Plum said... Best Blogger Tips

Neat idea! I like the different backgrounds....you can hang it against whatever matches your mood for the day so everyone knows what to expect!

Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips

BTW a huge THANKS for adding my link party to your link page!!!! :)

AsteropeBC said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice tutorial!

Just Jaime said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun idea~!

Casey said... Best Blogger Tips

that's really pretty!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy Thank you! Heading there now!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@HeatherV Oh that would work perfect! I forgot to mention in the tutorial how I longed for a cloud punch while I was cutting out the litle clouds!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@mindianna GAH! I'm contacting you. I MISS YOU!

Sophia said... Best Blogger Tips

ah I'm your newest fan; I love DIY !!! such a cool, 3d art piece/ frame!
thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the encouragement of my new layout, i really appreciate it !! <3


EdenSong Essentials said... Best Blogger Tips

Really cute idea!

Town and Country Gals said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG! I'm so glad you visited me so I could find your blog! You have the best ideas, I can't wait to try some, really loved the book page mini nest with eggs! My sister teaches 1st grade and is really into crafting and I'm sending her your blog info. I know she will love it! I am your newest follower and will be visiting often!

Town and Country Gals said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry, I got confused,(old age does that to ya)!
All the above is true except for the nest part, that was on domestifluff blog which I went to from you! I do love your stuff and will be trying out some of your ideas!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Town and Country Gals OH my goodness...no worries at all! So happy you came to visit me, and loved it! :)

andi said... Best Blogger Tips

so summery, and whimsical! love it!

Frozen.Sunshine said... Best Blogger Tips

This is wonderful! It looks great behind that blue paint! 3D art is simply terrific! :)

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

aww that's so sweet! I really like it on the dark background :)

Thanks so much for linking up to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you all so very much! :)

Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets said... Best Blogger Tips

So cool! Off to Pin this. =)

She Ra Princess of Milk said... Best Blogger Tips

I love love LOVE this!! I may never leave your blog... where next?!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

:) <3 all of your comments! They make my day!

Tasha Anderson said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Doll! I have a fun party today that you might want to join! THE BARTER BAZAAR! Barter your wares with other bloggers! Free Shopping (except for shipping). Spread the word and I hope you can play!


Jess said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that!

liZ evans said... Best Blogger Tips

Super cute. I love it on the dark background.

lovecrafts said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute! thanks for sharing.

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