Friday, July 22, 2011

Feature Friday: Poison Garden

Today I bring to you
This gorgeous Etsy shop features pieces that are remniscient of a dark Victorian Era, with a perfect touch of Gothic Steampunk.
Poison Garden is actually the home to not one, not two, but three incredible talented artists.
By simply reading Poison Garden's profile, you immediately understand the creativity and whimsy that is behind the beautiful jewelry and accessories that they create.

Suzette, Crystal, and Melissa share a common thread in that each lady has never had the desire to grow up, nor seen the use in it.  They enable their imaginations to encompass their every day lives, which fuels their incredible work.

They love to wear outfits that reflect all of their creative imaginings, including being Victorian ladies, wily pirates, crafty vampires, steampunk captains, or feathered Indians.
And to fully complete their outfits, they must also have the proper jewelry and accessories, which is where they find inspriation for creating their unique and beautiful pieces.

The ladies of Poison Garden use found materials, vintage jewelry, ribbon, beads, feathers, crystals, and even bones in their creations making them wholly original one of a kind works of art.
Their shop is a must see, so be sure to visit before your weekend starts!
Have a lovely Friday!  Whohoo for the weekend!


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I found this shop to be soooo interesting...

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