Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pennsylvania Visit

I'm back!
So sorry for being m.i.a. over the past week. I went to my childhood home on Thursday to visit my Mom and to attend a banquet that was honoring my Dad. The area chamber of commerce was posthumously inducting him into the county Sports Hall of Fame. He passed away from Cancer on January 2, 2009. I am still having an incredibly hard time in coming to terms with his death, so the banquet was very difficult, although beautiful event. It was certainly bittersweet. The whole family was home though, so I was able to visit with my brothers and sister, and all of my nieces and nephews. It was a wonderful visit.

So today, instead of Taste Test Tuesday, I'm going to post some pictures from my visit.
My Mom is an incredible gardener, and her flowers are always so gorgeous!

I was able to witness a little bit of the food chain:

This is the view from our cabin in the country.  My Dad built it from the ground up.  It is so incredibly peaceful and beautiful here.

I found this little mouse stuck in a plastic bucket.
Here he is, free again!

The weather was incredible.  I was expecting it to be cold, but it was in the 80's every day!

This last picture is very special.  I took it because the clouds and sky looked so very pretty.  After I opened it up in the editor, I saw the effect that the sun.  It looked like heaven to me, and for me I see it as my Dad was looking over my Mom and me, smiling down and watching over us.

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