Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keep Calm and Kick On

On Monday night, after months of preparing, hard work, conditioning and endless hours in the dojo...
I got my Red Brown Belt!
I was so nervous for this test.  I had been preparing and practicing countless hours weeks before the testing date, but one week before the test I had the worst run of bad luck!  
I had to miss about a week of class because of our foundation issues, and then I got sick.  I was so worried about my conditioning.  I started feeling better on Sunday, so I spent the whole day just working on my kicks, and my katas.
I lost points due to some of my stances in my katas not being deep enough.  I even felt it during my katas, but it was complete fatique due to me missing a week of workouts before the test.  
Next time I'll be taking my Vitamin C before the test so I can make my stances the lowest they have ever been!
Now I only have Brown and Red Black before my Black Belt!
I'm already nervous for those tests!
I guess I just have to keep telling myself:

Have a Happy Thursday everyone! Registered & Protected


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That's awesome! Congratulations :)

Aimee said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cool!!!!

Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

Marilyn said... Best Blogger Tips

This is soo cool..;))
I wanted to come by and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining in Project Pink Today. It means SO much to me and I am very grateful you joined in with all the wonderful women today to make this day such an amazing and beautiful awareness day.. TY TY SO MUCH!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.. ~Marilyn

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