Monday, March 19, 2012

Art Print Monday on Release Me Creations Blog

Happy Art Print Monday on Release Me Creations Blog!
Here are the prints I am loving this week:
by Derek Eads

by Andre de Freitas

by Kris Tate

by Mark Powell

by Patricia McKellar

by Elle Moss Registered & Protected


Sari said... Best Blogger Tips

You know! The first print you list is EXACTLY what I needed this morning!! THANK YOU! I think I will order a T-Shirt today!!!
I love your blog and your work.
I have told you this before, but it bares repeating on this beautiful Monday.
Thank you!!!
<3 Sari <3

Mindy Harris said... Best Blogger Tips

hi from TAG. now following your pretty blog. thanks!

Always, Genevieve & Lucy said... Best Blogger Tips

Really love the first print! Great selection of prints you have here. :o)

Jewels For Hope said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I love the "bigger things" print!!

Hena Tayeb said... Best Blogger Tips

Great selection of prints.. love the first one.. the perfect pick me up on a monday morning.

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