Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Wednesday: Re-Vamp Marble Top Side Tables

Happy DIY Wednesday!
I finally have a DIY Project that I completed...can you believe it? I almost can't. But it is indeed true.
Justin and I inherited two side tables from his Grandma. They had these GORGEOUS white marble tops, however everything else was a little bit icky. As in very fake antiqued gold looking legs, and a wooden bottom that looked like particle board.
So, I grabbed some handy dandy spray paint from Home Depot and got to spraying!
Here they are before...I removed the Marble so I could paint freely:
I simply taped up around the legs when I painted the wood, and then when that dried I removed that tape and then just taped the woooden parts just around the legs.
And here it is right after I finished painting outside:
And here is the finished product! As you can see, my overseer approved the end result with much enthusiasm:
HAVE A FANTASTIC WEDNESDAY!!! Registered & Protected


Kathy Radigan said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this table! It's just great! I'm so glad to find your wonderful site on vB, I'm now very happily following!

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