Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Homemade Doggy Food and Treats

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As most of you may know, I have two babies.  Yes, they happen to have four legs and fur, but they are still like children to me.  If any of you have a family dog at home, you probably agree that your pets are a huge part of a family.  Here are my two little monsters:


Can you see why I love them so much?  My cutie pies!  Sorry, proud Mommy talking.

Recently, there have been some major health scares, and recalls regarding certain brands of dog food, and dog treats.  There were jerky treats from China that the FDA declared were causing major, and even life threatening health issues in dogs that had consumed them.  That terrifies me.  I would never want to give Mango and Dax anything that could harm them, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to know where your pet treats and foods are coming from.  How can you know if it will harm them or not?

Well I found a pretty great solution, which is to make your own dogfood and treats.  AND, I found the most fanastic blog which offers easy recipes for treats, and even homecooked meals for your puppies.  Homemade dog food  not only are there great recipes, such as the Easy cooked dog food recipe, but you will also find a list of all recalled food and treats, tips and tricks to making great dogfood and treats, and dos and don'ts for making your own doggy delectables.

 Homemade dog food comes highly recommended. 

Doggy tested, mother approved.

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