Monday, May 14, 2012

A PAWfect Mother's Day

What a "PAW"fect Mother's Day!
Teehee, I couldn't help it. It just seemed fitting for the spectacular Mother's Day I had yesterday.
I spent it on the oh-so-lovely One Arts Plaza in downtown Dallas with my friends from Paws in the City, and lots of amazing doggie families!  Paws in the City was able to get some great adoption applications, and I was able to raise some money for them as well with the sales from my necklaces.  Couldn't get more perfect.
Here are some pics from the day. It was so sunny and gorgeous!
I have a new setup for my pieces, and was able to debut part of it today. Unfortunately it was extremely windy, so I wasn't able to have all of my elements as they would have blown away. Next time I'll know to bring my tent. And please excuse the crooked banner, the wind prevented me from successfully righting it.
The only place I could put my new poster was propped up against the table in the direction the wind was blowing!
And look who came to see me! My two boys:
Dax had fun in the fountain:
After the festivities we had a lovely little early dinner at The Commissary. Dax was such a perfect little boy!
And when we got home we took our girl Mango out for a nice long walk!
We had some tired happy puppies on our hands!

All in all, a perfect Mother's Day!
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looks like you had a great day. the set is perfect!

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