Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY Wednesday- Hanging Mason Jar Planters

 I first came across this idea as I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, Daily Beeswax.  I saw this DIY idea and thought, I MUST MAKE THAT!
Here is the inspirational culprit:
This picture is from Craft-In #1 on Daily Beeswax

Here is what I used to make my hanging planters:
1) Mason Jasr- I picked mine up at Michaels because I was there already, but you can get these at your local supermarkets as well
2) Twine- I bought mine at Home Depot

3) Decorative river rocks- I bought mine at none other than the Dollar Store!  I also threw in a few pieces of the blue marble glass, also from the Dollar Store

4) Air Plants- I have quite an obsession with these unique beauties.  I bought mine on EBay

I cut two long strands of the twine.
I wrapped and knotted one strand of twine tightly around the lip of each jar, making sure that it was tight.  You don't want it slipping off and crashing to the ground.
Then I just tied the bottom jar to the top jar by tying the knots around the strands of the top jar.  
Hang, and viola!  Hanging planters!

And here is the finished product:


And you can play around with these, using different hanging materials, such as wire, or leather cord.
You can also paint or decorate your jars. 
Add tea lights.
Attach crystals.
Insert different plants.
The possibilities are endless!  Make it your own!!

Get crafting people! It's DIY Wednesday!


weird amiga said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so simple and pretty, I must make one.
On principle!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

It was so simple! And you can put whatever you like inside! I now have battery tea lights for the outdoor ones, and my little plants are for my indoor ones

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