Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taste Test Tuesday

Every Tuesday, I will be taking Etsy's Taste Test.  Tune in to see what I find!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 

How adorable and beautiful is this! 
I love the softness of this print, along with the unique little literary heart

Not only do I love everything in this shop, but I also love the shop's name!  I would gladly buy some crap from this store  :)

I absolutely love the colors and designs on the little birdies.  They have such a whimsy about them.

I LOVE this artist, and LOVE this ring.  How appropriate is the title.  This ring makes me think of the universe that surrounds us.

Um, hello adorable.

This print truly brings me to Paris, with its romance and history.  The little heart lights are such a cute little subtle touch that make this print simple perfection.

One word: WANT.

I want just about one of everything from this Etsy seller.  Pure poetry.

Are there really any words?  I mean, come on, it's TMNT!  Pure awesome.

I love this artist's work!  Her little ladies are so cute, and each have their own little persona.  Love it!

This is genius.  I am a lover of everything nautical, and this is quite possibly the coolest nautical piece I have ever seen!  The detail is absolutely incredible, and the pieces are so unique and darkly beautiful!

I have been saving up for this wall tentacle for some time.  Soon...soon it will grace my walls where it belongs!

Can you believe this is paper?!?  Pure art.  Pure beautiful.

 These pieces are something right out of a dream.  They are so romantically whimsical and soft.  I absolutely love them!


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