Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Upcycled Vinyl Record Cuffs

Wheee! Finally photographed some of my new Upcycled Vinyl Record Cuffs for my shop.

I have quite a few more, but I need to finish them up, still have some edges that need to be sanded, and some more sealant to apply.  I also want to do a tutorial for the cuffs. 

I ran out and bought 100 records after I made these, realizing the endless possibilities with the records.  I really want to do some pendants, some really unique ones obviously, but I need to figure out how to be able to cut them a little more intricately.  Basically I need to find those perfect little scissors that can also cut something thicker than paper.

SPEAKING OF CUTTING...Have you guys seen this yet?
Oh my goodness, there are oh so many things I could do with it!!!!  Does anyone have one?  Any thoughts, reviews, donations?? :)


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