Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

A magical trip to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens...
Koi Fish in the Japanese Garden:

A stoic crane:

My hubby snapped this incredible picture, with Mr. Crane in full flight over the water:
Adorable little bees:

So peaceful:

Beautiful flowers:

A lovely Mallard:

Some really intricate and textured leaves:

Me, snapping pics of some of the above pics:

And reviewing said pics...Justin clearly loves his candid shots:

Action shots:

So here I am catching him in some pictures:


Arizona Girls said... Best Blogger Tips

Really great pictures!! The ones of the leaves, I thought they had little bugs on them haha

Found your blog on the Etsy blog team! =) New follower! =)

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nina kuriloff said... Best Blogger Tips

Terrific photographs!

Patricia said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the photos. I keep saying I am going to the Botanical Gardens in the Houston area. Need to make sure and do it.
I am on the Etsy Bog Team. I am following you every way I can. Stop by my blog and shop. Enjoy.

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