Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY Wednesday- Home Decor

Alas...I am once again a DIY slacker for the week.  No new projects completed by me.
I do have an excuse!  On Sunday I ran around and played in some can read about that HERE

And then at my karate school it is Karate Camp Week.  It's all day teaching karate classes and playing games with the, but tiring!

Anyhoo...I refuse to let Wednesday slip by without some DIY about some Home Decor projects:

I came across this tutorial on the lovely Flax and Spindle
Using the different unique drawer pulls is just genius, not to mention just darn adorable!  I find them to be so romantically beautiful!

Invisible Book Shelves?  YES PLEASE!
I saw these on NeonFoxTongue, and you can find the full how-to with May December Home.  You are not going to believe how easy these are to create!
Here is another take on the floating bookshelf from Real Simple:

How gorgeously literary is this Book Wreath?  So lovely and simple, yet it still packs a huge dramatic punch!  I found this incredible tutorial at Living With Lindsay .  Her blog post title was absolutely hilariously fitting..."Librarians, Please Avert Your Eyes."

I first saw this incredible palette garden on Ready Made Blog's post all about Upcycling Wooden Shipping Palettes.  What?  Yes, shipping palettes, and the projects are incredible!
I then found the tutorial which is here at Life on the Balcony.  Its a truly unique and amazing blog all about container gardening!

Found these romantically delicate Ornament Flower Vases from the Better Home and Gardens Blog.  It is a mini-tutorial, but you are able to really see the products they used, and how it was done.   You can see the supplies below:

Alright, I'm off to bed.
It's another early start tomorrow at the TKD school.  
Is it Friday yet?


SisterBatik said... Best Blogger Tips

A great post. I love, love, love the wooden palette garden, what a brilliant idea - especially for small spaces as I have a tiny balcony too.

Have a great day!

Janet said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so excited about the floating bookshelf and palette garden!!! Thanks for the great ideas.

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