Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whimsical Taste Test Tuesday

Okay, so it is Tuesday evening...better late then never!

Welcome to this Tuesday's whimsical Taste Test picks...

I don't know what it is that makes whales so whimsical.  They are the largest mammals on the planet, yet they possess such a dainty and delicate quality.  I love how this artist captures that quality so perfectly.  So gorgeous!

Oh my gosh!  I can hear them talking right now!!  How incredible is this necklace, with its wonderfully geeky nostalgic quality.  And the silhouette is cut so perfectly from the silver frame.  Geeky perfection!

There is such a soft romantic quality to these gorgeous note cards and tags.  The tiny little bird is so delicately cut.  I would look for reasons to write notes with these in my desk!

My current Mason Jar obsession has just reached a whole new level with these adorable wood cuts.  So unique, colorful, and imaginative.  I absolutely want them all!
I wish I still had my bridal bouquet.  It was so beautiful, and was so symbolic of such a beautiful day.  How awesome is this, that you can keep your bouquet forever with this beautifully whimsical and modern take on the traditional fresh flower bouquet.  Love Love Love!
I am not sure there are words available for me to describe how beautiful this sculpture is to me.  It is so unique and dainty, but still has a sense of hardness to it, like it is trying to speak to you of  the pain it might hold within.  I absolutely love how the book was used to create such a perfect little illusion.  Truly incredible!

Well, I clearly have a love for the Vintage Dive Helmet as I have a whimsical little Dive Helmet necklace up in my shop right now.  I want this pillowcase on my bed right now!  

I love the 3D aspect of this winged ring, as well as the meticulous attention to detail that was utilized when this artist was creating the illusion of the dual wings.  So beautiful and romantic!
This print leaves me speechless.  It is truly something out of the most impossibly beautiful dream you could ever have.  The way this artist captures the nighttime ambiance, and plays with the delicate lights within the darkness...just so beautiful!

This beautiful bubble chandelier would take any ordinary dining room and take it to extra-extraordinary.  It is so unique and different, but still maintains a simple feel that it could fit in the fanciest, or most plain of dining rooms alike.

How adorably, whimsically, romantically beautiful!  Even if you don't play, this would look incredible on your mantel with some vintage books, or up on a shelf with some mason jar vases.  So incredible!
Holy adorable!  This is so cute, unique, and not to mention beautiful.  The tiny little details that make this so clearly a cute little hedgehog also give it such a unique beautiful quality.  Who would not want this around their neck?

Oh so gorgeous!  I have come into quite a fascination with both silhouette art, and paper art.  The addition of the branches to this simple woman's silhouette give it such an amazingly beautiful and unique beauty that make me want to put it on my wall right now!

Well, that's it for tonight's Etsy Tasting Party!
Hope you enjoyed!


ArtigianoJewelBox said... Best Blogger Tips

Such beautiful finds... I'm very flattered to be among them! Thank you so much!

Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

What great stuff!

SisterBatik said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the sperm whale print! It reminds me when I saw one in Kaikura, New Zealand - absolutley awesome and worth the journey and the wait for. They are huge but as you say quite magical too!

Found you through the EBT and looking forward to following too : )


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful collection! I'm so pleased that my lady is among them. Thank you! :)


Dita Maulani said... Best Blogger Tips

You right. Whimsical. Great finds!


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