Monday, August 8, 2011

Taste Test Tuesday Wanderlust Edition

Ahhh Wanderlust.
One of my favorite words, and favorite dreams;
to be able to let go, break free, and fly on the wind to wherever it will take me.
Enjoy my Wanderlust picks!
I'd Flee This Town by Jrnal

FiltBag Wanderlust by MILOcouture

Wanderlust by bsmithereens

Escape by happygolicky

Wanderlust Card and Envelopt by Paperpath

Make Voyages Print by PoppyandPinecone
Wanderlust Earrings by bellehibou

Nautical Compass Necklace by Zen25
shameful...less? self promotion

Wanderlust Vintage Travel Poster Coaster Set by TheRetroRoad Registered & Protected


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