Thursday, September 8, 2011

Branding: A Love Story

So if you haven't yet heard of my news of opening my own shop, well, you have now. Here is my original post announcing my entrepreneurial dreams moving into reality.
I have been up to my ears in business planning for my future little shop, but I have to be honest, I am enjoying it so much! It's so exciting to think that perhaps in maybe under 2 years I'll have my own little shop to go to every day! :)
So be prepared, as I continue my business building journey, because my posts arare going to be dominated by what is on my mind.
Today, it's branding.
So today I was perusing one of my very favorite blogs, Ahoy Graphics, and I found this awesome video that they had posted on Branding. It's something that I need to really start forging ahead with, as the brand of the business is what people are going to see and either love or hate.

What is Brand Anyways? from Urban Influence on Vimeo.

Love it!
Thank you Ahoy Graphics!! Registered & Protected


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on the new venture.. And thank you for sharing.. I have dreams of taking my shop beyond etsy someday :)

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you. It's a huge undertaking. I'm still planning, and having moments of "Yes, I can do this!" and "Can I do this?" ...time will tell!

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