Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Thursday

It's Thursday! I have been having one incredibly stressful month after the other, mainly with regards to unexpected bills. Here is the circus that has been going on in our home:
1) Our back door started to not shut, and eventually could not lock
2) Thus, we had to have piers put in along the other two sides of our house (as first time homebuyers, we didn't realize the foundation guarantee was only for piers on two sides of the house) $5000
3) When they jacked up the house to make it even, they broke our sewer line in four places, which we did not know
4) The water leaked and leaked and leaked causing our house to sink in the middle causing more cracks so they came to fix it $5000
5) The sewar leaks were fixed, however they had to go through our kitchen floor, which is hardwood so now there are two giant squares coverd with plywood on our floor so we will eventually need to replace the floor $500-$1000
6) We need to replace the door and frame because it still doesn't close $300
7) Dax ate a toy and we had to go to the Emergency Clinic to make sure it wasn't stuck inside of him $500
8) The HVAC guys came to make sure everything was's not. According to them we need about $1000 worth of work
I'm stressed to say the least.
Thank you for letting me vent! :) Registered & Protected


Anna@Directions Not Included said... Best Blogger Tips

Big, big hugs. Good wishes headed your way and I hope all this settles down soon.

Janny said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds like an absolute nightmare! I'm so sorry. Hope things start looking up soon.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ack stressful indeed!! (hug)

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anna@Directions Not IncludedThank you Anna! I know we will get through it...but boy when it rains it pours!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@JannyThank you so much...I think we have reached our quota for Murphy's Law this least I hope so!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@JodiThank you for the virtual hug Jodi! IT is much needed and appreciated :)

our home to yours said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my, it seems that the people who did the piers should be at least partly responsible for the sewer line. But as a homeowner, there is always something to repair or replace. Praying for you.
- ourhometoyours

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said... Best Blogger Tips

I've had my share of stressful real estate ventures too and the only thing I could tell myself is that no matter what happens, we will get through. Good luck!

Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips

Poor You! Hope your weekend brings you lots of cash! :)

henzy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my.. that it is a really bad month.. especially all those unexpected bills. Wishing you a better November and a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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