Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taste Test Wednesday

Soooo, clearly my mind has left me, and instead of Taste Test Tuesday, and DIY Wednesday...well, they switched this week :) I could blame the brain scrambling on the tornadoes, but unfortunately I posted my DIY before the storms...sigh...I am officially losing my marbles

Anyhoo...Taste Test Results....
drumroll...........pbpbpbpbprprbrpbrbrbrrptrrprbprpbrpbrbprpbbbbpt (takesbreath)pbpbptptpbtttppppbbpbp

Is this not the most uniquely beautiful ring you have ever seen?  I have a current obsession with anything druzy.

An Air Plant mirror?  YES PLEASE!  Another current obsession of mine is air plants (as evidenced by my DIY Mason Jars)  This is so purely gorgeous and genius!!

Oh, WANT with all caps!  Can you imagine some trimmed peacock feathers in these?  Oh yes, must have!

I am fantasizing about Smores right now...this is the perfect Smore Maker!!!  Not to mention a backyard stunner!

I don't have words for the awesomeness that is this sculpture.  It needs to be over my fireplace, right now!

hilarycosgrove says "Winston the owl is so surly and Squeak is bewildered" and she is so spot on!  Her ability to inject so much personality into these little guys is incredible!  Pure, adorable perfection.

Her art is so beautiful, whimsical and pure.  She creates such a beautiful world in every print, a world that I want to dive right into!

I want this on my finger, NOW!  I love this ring.  I have worked with some quartz crystals with my necklaces, and I know how much skill it takes to create a piece this small and intricate.  So incredible, and beautiful!

A French pet lobster?  Yes please!  So flipping original, I love it!

Oh the thing I could carry in this adorable skirt!  I love modern take on a retro lovely!

I want these, all of these and more in my backyard!  The colors and shapes are just so incredibly beautiful!

Are words really necessary for why this tshirt = awesome?  Seriously...AWESOME

So have I mentioned my obsession with Air Plants?  This is one of my fave Etsy sellers, and yes, I have already bought some little gems from this incredible shop.

So here I am again, asking you, do you really need words for how awesome this is?  I didn't think so

This is just innovative genius.  I love the fact that you can really put on display just those books that mean something to you.  This would look so beautiful over my bed! 

So that ends this installment of Taste Test Tuesday...err...Wednesday, but will be back to Tuesday next week...if I don't mess it up again.


Landeelu said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! I'm so sorry to have to reply to you here but your email isn't connected to your comments and I can't find an email address on here anywhere. Anyway, to answer your question, I just told the girl who designed my blog to give me a Pinterest button and she did it! I'm sorry I can't be a bigger help here. But really, isn't Pinterest the best?? Plus you can just go around and make snarky little comments about stuff without having to do a whole blog post on it. :)

PS I LOVE that cargo skirt. LOVE.

Sarah Ogren said... Best Blogger Tips

Lots of great work here. Thanks for including my print.
Oh, and losing ones marbles really isn't all that bad...I lost mine years ago. :)

Michelle Pyxus said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great combination of finds!! Thanks so much for including my skirt in your post! :) And that air plant mirror - aaawesome!
x Michelle

Kara B. said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for including my Tillandsia mirror! So happy you like it - and so honored to be included in a group of so many of my etsy favs as well!! Take care! kara b.

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