Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Beadboard Wallpaper

Well, the kitchen is coming along!
I got the Beadboard Wallpaper up in a day. It was super simple.
I still need to paint it white, but I'm waiting for the countertops to fully cure so that the tape won't leave any marks.
Hover over each picture for the before and after!

Before I started the process, which was so super simple, I did some research. This tutorial from Southern Hospitality was wonderful! It also boosted my confidence to be able to do the project. I also read up on Sassy Style, who also did a Beadboard Tutorial. Sassy style was using it as a backsplash, which is what I wanted to do, so again my confidence was further boosted. Both tutorials were fabulous!

With regards to how to do it...
1) Measure
2) Cut
3) Wet the back (I used the bathtub)
4) Wait 5 minutes
5) Paste it up!
6) Paint (haven't gotten to this yet)

The only issues I ran into were due to rushing through the measuring process. A few times I had to re-measure and cut, especially around the outlets. But other than that...easy! I applied white caulk to any seams that didn't match up perfectly. Now I just need to paint!

I will have more pictures when everything is all painted and finished!

Come see my Blog Tip Tutorial on how to arrange your buttons like this:

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Alyssa - Live, Love, Craft said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE It!!! Great job!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks fantastic! I love the color scheme, so simple and elegant, great job!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said... Best Blogger Tips

Can't wait to see a close up of the finished product. Looking great.

Pamela said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing girl! Your kitchen will fabulous! Thanx for joining the party again this week! I love seeing familiar faces!Btw, how did you do the before and after pictures?? I have always wanted to try that but have no idea how.

Designed By Dee said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it - doesn't look like it even needs paint!

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said... Best Blogger Tips

This is crazy amazing! You are one talented gal! Your blog is just beautiful too! :o) I am so glad that I could come over and meet you via my co-hosted party with Maggie from midwest sewing girl! I am for sure a new follower! I am really really glad you linked up! I would be so so so thrilled if you came back again next week! I can't wait to see how everything looks all finished up!
Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

Sadie Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

HEy girly!! LOVE your blog!! GUESS WHAT!! you won my cutting edge design stencil giveaway!! Please email me for further info!!
Sadie jane

Ellie said... Best Blogger Tips

Very nice! I like it way better than the tile. Great job!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Sadie Jane HOLY CRAPOLA! I never win things! And to win this! OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! I'm heading to my e-mail right now!

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy I will absolutely be returning! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love beadboard! Nice makeover! Where do you find the beadboard wallpaper?

Grandma Bonnie said... Best Blogger Tips

I think that is amazing. I will be back to see more. New follower from the Homemade Monday Blog hop. Hope you stop by for a visit. Have a great week.

Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Stephanie I found mine at :)

kimberlyann said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks awesome, Thanks for linking up! I'm glad you found me via Lone Star Ladies. Hopefully we will see you at our next meetup. We are going to take a poll to see what date can work for everyone. We are thinking Mexican and margaritas for the next meetup. :)


Maureen said... Best Blogger Tips

@kimberlyann Ooh that sounds FABULOUS! If we could do the meetup on a Friday that would be so perfect...I kick and punch people in the evenings Mon-Thurs... at the martial arts school :)

Sachiko said... Best Blogger Tips

So fun! I love to see more pictures!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this! It looks great! We did something very similar over yellow, plastic tile. AH

Jordan McCollum said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been wanting to do this in my kitchen! I hate the way my kitchen looks but don't have a whole lot of options to change it (without calling in professionals), but this is one thing I could do myself!

WhyCuzICan said... Best Blogger Tips

Really cool and it looks like beadboard- bet it will look great when it's painted too. Hope you are proud, cuz your readers are :)

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~Suzanne in NW Illinois

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