Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Wednesday: Make your Own Sticker Labels

 Today I'll show you how to create and print your own sticker labels like this one:
So my need for sticker labels actually arose out of my Celebrity Earth Day Gifting opportunity.  I'm making these super cute Upcycled Vinyl Record Image Bracelets for Earth conscious celebs this coming April, and I have been working on my packaging.  I am using brown Kraft bags, but they needed some sort of closure.  Immediately stickers popped into my head, . I looked into having them printed for me, but my DIY brain kept yelling at me "You can do these yourself!"
So I did.
Sticker Labels (I used Avery #22807 White Round Print to Edge)
GIMP or Photo Editing Program (Paint.Net or Photoshop will work great as well)
Computer with Word Program
Color Printer

1) After purchasing my labels I went to the Avery Templates page and typed in 22807 to pull up the right template (If you didn't use Avery, go to the brand's website as they will typically provide templates for you)
2) Download the template, and then open it up (I used Microsoft Word)  It will look something like this:
3) Design your label.  I used GIMP (Use this video tutorial on How to Make a Blog Button to help in using GIMP to make your sticker label)
4) I then inserted the saved JPG file from GIMP into my Word Document Template for each label on the sheet
5) Next, print IN DRAFT MODE on a blank sheet of paper so that you can insure proper alignment...I needed to adjust my template a tiny bit to the right so the circles lined up exactly with the template.  When you're sure they line up...
6) Print your labels on your sticker paper
Stay tuned for finished packaging for the Earth Day Bracelets!

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Katie Curzon said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the design of your sample sticker labels. I am very grateful that you have shared to us on how to make sticker labels. I'll really try making this one, I'm very much interested.

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