Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY Board and Batten Wall #2

Yippee! Wall #2 of my Board and Batten Project is complete!
After I finished the wall in the Living Room, I decided that it would make everything look more complete if I also did the entryway wall. You can see the original project HERE. I actually still have one wall to do, but we are going to be re-hanging a door so I'm going to wait until that is finished so that my hard work isn't damaged in the process.
So here's the Entryway #2 Wall BEFORE:
Here it is going up:

I had thought this wall would be a piece of cake, due to the fact that I had already done the first one. Unfortunately that was not the case. I had a lot more intricate measurements and cutouts to make due to my decision to wrap it into the windows. This also posed for some nightmares when I was trying to make sure the battens were going on level and in line with the others.
This is how I made sure everything stayed put when I was nailing it:
After I made my measurements, and drew my lines I added brad nails so the batten wouldn't slip...
Paint going on:
You can see the one tiny wall I have left, leading into the Master Bedroom, but it will have to wait until that door is replaced.
Here's a Sneak Peak at my next project:
This old, outdated light fixture is OUT! I'll be hanging a new chandelier myself! And I'm going to be doing some creative wiring so that I don't have to climb to the top of the Cathedral Ceiling to replace it. This one could get dicey!

Then to the kitchen: I'm adding a texture border and painting the kitchen white.  After that it's time to replace our kitchen wood floor with tile (RIP WOOD FLOORS)  Awhile back we had a break in a pipe which resulted in two giant holes being ripped out of our wood floors. WAH.  But I'm excited about the tile.

Then the living room & bedroom: We'll be looking to replace the carpeting in our living room and bedroom with **HOPEFULLY** hardwood.  WHEW!  We're on a renovation roll!! Registered & Protected


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